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Mia Zabelka & Icostech – Aftershock CS

Industrial Coast

Label Description:

Aftershock is a collaborative effort by violinist extraordinaire Mia Zabelka, Vienna and extreme metal bassist/guitarist Arun N, Bangalore which reflect their respective styles and playing, equal parts of soothing ambience, textures make way for improvised parts created predominantly from violin and bass guitar

Juxtaposed with a vibe of post apocalyptic illegal but now legal gatherings, aftershock gently caresses never before heard hard ambient with free improvisation, techno and experimental electronic music all in a single wave packed into a solid 60 min set meant to be heard from beginning to end in a single sitting to grasp. Adding to this concoction is a special guest, trumpet veteran Joshua Trinidad from Denver

Aftershock composed and produced by Mia Zabelka & Icostech

Violin, Noise, Electronics, Experiments & Pulse :Mia Zabelka (Austria)

Guitar, Bass, Ambience, Experiments & Mix : Icostech (India)

Trumpet : Joshua Trinidad (United States)

Recorded in the covid months of 2020 (August to October in Vienna, Austria and Bangalore, India)

Mastered and Cut by Michael Valentine West (United Kingdom)

Untitled Sculpture by Juul Krajier 2007, 2008 (Netherlands)

C60, jcard, post card, presentation envelope

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