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As part of Whited Sepulchre’s 4 x LP release in June, Cincinnati experimental electronic artist Andrew Elaban brings his wide-screen conduction of chance connections and orchestrated unfolding of electronic neurons to the vinyl format.

Elaban’s compositions “Variegated Tributary” and “Woven Crescent” are remarkable pieces of modular synth created music that offer an exploded view into Elaban’s creative process. We hear granular synthesis catching flight, decaying tones in a constant state of dying and resurrecting, melodies surfacing like glints of sunlight on placid water and electronic churning of noise gates shutting on and off with algorithmic regularity.

Andrew Elaban is a Cincinnati-based artist crafting delicate super-structures from careful sound selection and controlled surprises. Originally from Cleveland, OH Andrew’s 2016 debut was made from chiseled drones and surging ambient music. Andrew’s exploration into modular synthesizer has led him to share stages with Laaraji, Midwife, Eve Maret, AMULETS, Naps and Mainstage at Cincinnati’s BLINK festival.