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Straight Panic – Stemming The Rose LP

Difficult Interactions

While the statement “you are prolific” is factually accurate, it lacks the nuance necessary to describe the nature of the unfurling body of work. This is synthesis; evolution and devourment. Digestion and excrement. Urolangia and cannibalism. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Presented before an audience of unknown number and interest is a record of where Straight Panic has been, where the World is going, and the vacuum once inhabited by the Future gapes. This isn’t back-sliding or an editorial “return to form,” but now, on my own again, the melancholy of “homecoming” seems to fit like an old tee, once outgrown, now a size too big.

There is an absence and space within the claustrophobia isolation can bring. The glut of time and lack of obligations becomes a weighted blanket woven out of negative space. The sheer innumerable possibilities negate their own potential, smother, collapse upon themselves. How ironic, in which an identity based in part upon non-procreation (antinatalism), would still manage to replicate the future conditions for its own continued existence. Here are the failures and disconnects:

1. Bloodline
2. Romance
3. Socialization

Time is a flat circle.

Thomas Boettner
Providence, May 2024

Artwork by DJ Speedsick

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Release Date 2024-06-14
Catalog # DI-33-6
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