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Elite Terrorism Modulus – S/T LP (Purple / Blue / Teal Swirl Vinyl)

Floorjazz Recordings, Orange Milk

There is something about tiny rust belt cities that is charming and mythical and Dayton, Ohio is no exception. Home to some of the best Funk music ever made, Zapp, Ohio Players, and a 90’s renaissance of indie rock, most notably Guided By Voices, Brainiac, Kim and Kelly Deal, with a strong harsh noise scene – Being, Developer, Yes, Collapse, Dan Rizer etc. Dayton is a fertile place for weird and fun music. There are many ways to embrace and channel this spirit. Elite Terrorism Modulus’s first LP lives in this musical geist of its hometown. The band made this record soundtracking a long mythology where buildings are gods and dilapidated malls are places of worship. A sincere subversion in music, they are a jam band influenced by Don DeLillo, private press gospel LPs, Spring Breakers, Naqoyqatsi, Five Starcle Men, Sonny Sharrock and Chrome. The self-titled record possesses the fervor of this music community, endearingly weird, really energetic, and very midwestern. The record spans from free jazz, hardcore, noise, and at times melding into absolutely absurd lo-fi strangeness. It’s a great record made in a place that is considered obsolete by many, a demonstration that compelling art is thriving in the flyover states.

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