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Presidomodelo – Funeral CS

Noir Age

An archival live recording plagued by the dissolution of a group, formerly MYK, and problematized by the issues of collectivity. ‘Funeral’ captures recordings by Siberia-based collective presidiomodelo, operating here as a trio on various electronics, field recordings, and sound forms, resulting in a continuous 64 minute long soundscape split over 2 tape sides. And 9 tracks digitally stretching to the album’s full 76 minute intended structure.

A shifting and winding tonal firmament populates the sonic world at the end of time in this Funeral. A complete denial of genre. Moments of mounting miasma, hulking and unbound textures give way to slowly approaching open spaces, suggesting opportunities to get out. But you can stay as long as you want.

At the end, Earth will cover us all. We are nothing. Only the sound remains.

Some history directly from MYK artists and exhibition co-curator
Petr Zherebtsov:
“The presidiomodelo collective was one of the stable links within the MYK interdisciplinary group. At this live act, presidiomodelo used sound recordings and materials related to the projects of the exhibition “TLO. The funeral of the MYK group”, as well as sounds from preparations and expeditions to the urban environment. Recombination and reassembly, as a motif of hope for the entire exhibition project, found that evening its expression in a semi-improvisational performance.

MYK is an interdisciplinary art group founded in Novosibirsk in 2019 by artists Evgeny Lemeshonok, Vladimir Bocharov, Polina Kardymon, Denis Frank and Sergey Chekhov. The MYK group worked at the intersection of contemporary art and post-dramatic theater, using various mediums: performance, sound installations, objects, video art, graphics and painting.

Exhibition “TLO. Funeral of the MYK group” was devoted to the results of the two-year work of the group and problematized the issues of collectivity, the possibility of horizontal dialogue in the group and joint decision-making. This was expressed both in individual works made by the members of the group, and in their exhibition and theater projects. Agreement or disagreement, consensus or conflict are parts of the state of agonism in which the MYK group was. Its “funeral” was, on the one hand, a revision of joint actions, and on the other, a verification of the reality of the group’s existence, inquiring if their form of communication really could be sustainable?

After this exhibition, the MYK group ceased to exist.”


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