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Gafael – Serpentine CS

Noir Age

Noir Age is pleased to present a new release by Welsh sound artist Gafael, his third entry thus far for the Noir Age catalogue.

Here we see him veering from his well-worn paths in the surrounding landscapes of Gwynedd and Anglesey towards something less self-referential and more inspiration driven: the late 1800’s modern dance pioneer, Loie Fuller.

Informed by her fluid, sinuous movements, the tracks on Serpentine attempt to capture the elegance and simple beauty of the serpentine dance and its dancer. Less rhythmic with a focus on suspended, cinematic motifs and pre-recorded environmental detail that paint sonically throughout the space instilling various emotions. Each track represents a moment or stage within Fuller’s life, commencing with her arrival in Paris in 1892.

Gafael’s creation process winds through a few parameters. First sourcing field recordings from his natural surroundings, then further manipulating them alongside various synths and effects, all enclosed in a generous amount of mystical reverb. Shape-shifting cumulus clouds hovering just above The Glaslyn River.


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