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Kate Rissiek – Decayed Signals LP


What our staff has to say: “Kate Rissiek departs from her near legendary Rusalka moniker for an only slight detour into similar but dare one say more academic territories. Slow, beyond heavy developments in colossal noise constructions / deconstructions. A unique and cathartic experience. Among the best of 2022.” – Brandon

For years, Kate Rissiek has been cultivating her sound with strict focus, making her project Rusalka a veritable household name. For her new LP on Virtues entitled Decayed Signals, she sheds the Rusalka moniker, starting fresh, yet sacrificing none of the project’s intensity and strength.

Decayed Signals explores damaged and broken frequencies through Theremin and tape delay.

The compositions build and surge with a unique heaviness.

Inspired by the Fermi paradox, the difficulty of communication between species and beyond, the album transmits waves into the unknown. Sounds of the past and present collide. Are the vibrations dying or dead? Are we hearing a feedback loop being sucked into a vacuum in space, returning to nothing? There is a feeling of listening to a cosmic void, putting something out there and having it echo back in cold indifference.


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