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Dementia Precox – Huh? LP

Floorjazz Recordings

Dementia Precox is legendary. Uncontested, they stood as the first industrial band playing concerts in Dayton, Ohio- opening for the Ramones twice with Robert Pollard naming them alongside Toxic Reasons as the two key bands of the Dayton, Ohio scene before starting Guided by Voices. Fronted by Gyn Cameron, an early adopter of the cut up sound technique in DIY punk. Gyn would soon find the Oberheim Matrix 12 in ’86 and with the help of guitar player Eric Purtle, percussionist Royse Robbins alongside producer Gary King would set the stage for their sophomore gothic-industrial masterwork Huh? Half delicate & synthetic pop songwriting, half neurotic guitar attacking EBM bangers. Being DIY pioneers in the pre-CD era, they would end up only self-releasing it on dubbed cassettes- antithetical to the dense and layered production choices made on this album. After a successful recovery effort by Darren Callahan & Blaize Barton to restore the master tapes in 2018, Floorjazz Recordings is incredibly proud to present this on the Vinyl LP format- out December 1st.

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