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Curse Mackey – Instant Exorcism LP

Young and Cold Records

CURSE MACKEY is from Texas and has long made a name for himself as a many-sided singer and musician in various genres from Industrial to Dark Ambient to Electro and Darkwave. He has worked with well-known acts such as Pigface, My Life With The Thrill Kill Cult and Clan Of Xymox.

In recent years, also influenced by the Covid 19 pandemic, he has released the two albums “Instant Exorcism” and “Immoral Emporium” under his own name, which are now also being released in Europe by YOUNG & COLD RECORDS and certainly will set their marks in the Goth-scene.

To be heard is mainly electronic Darkwave, which has its roots in the 90s, but was recorded and produced with today’s technical possibilities. Various influences from EBM, Synthpop, Industrial and Soundtracks are also allowed, so that a constantly seething mixture is formed for the dance floors of the clubs.

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