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Rue Oberkampf – Liebe LP

Label Description:

LIEBE is Rue Oberkampf’s long-awaited second LP. The album can be seen as a reflection on

the last two years – what we’ve lost, what we’re longing for. Singer Julia de Jouy mourns the

loss of club culture and life’s ecstatic moments in general, blending English/French spoken

words with unexpected melodic vocals. The diversity of all those kinds of missing “LIEBE”

(love) matches Rue Oberkampf’s sounds, moving back and forth between 90s EBM- and

techno-fused stompers to surprisingly gothy synth pop and darkwave tracks.

Rue Oberkampf, which is DJ/producer team Julia de Jouy, Oliver Maier and Damien De-Vir,

have their roots in early industrial, techno and goth music and are always forging a bridge

between different electronic subcultures.

In combination with the on-point mixing by Daniel Hallhuber (Young and Cold Records),

LIEBE creates a heavy, but crystal clear sound.

LIEBE is mastered by industrial artist Eric van Wonterghem (Absolute Body Control, Monolith,

Klinik), whose style is a perfect match to Rue Oberkampf since their first release in 2018.

With her album artwork, Merchbabe (Kinnat Sóley) created the perfect visual twin for LIEBE.

Based on a photography by Silvie Tillard and combined with a lettering by tattoo artist Ehidne

Slime, the design confuses the observer with an eerie uncanny valley effect that reminds them

of 90s punk and techno aesthetics