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Curse Mackey – Immoral Emporium LP

Young and Cold Records

Truth and reality continue to blur. Everyone wears a different mask underneath. All these dreams fracturing.

Curse Mackey’s new full-length album, Immoral Emporium, due out on 09/09/22 is the highly-anticipated follow-up to his 2019 darkwave masterpiece Instant Exorcism.

Immoral Emporium is an intense, dark electronic music experience. Curse emphasizes, “This is a NEW album for modern times, in the here and now.”

True to his word, Immoral Emporium pushes the boundaries of genre with a vast dynamic range, from a tortured whisper to a triumphant howl. The first single, “Lacerations” is a dancefloor stomper with hypnotic vocals, a hard-hitting chorus with wailing synths and bin-shaking beats.

The album moves into poppy, upbeat club territory with the earworm “Dead Fingers Talk,” guaranteed to get everyone moving at your city’s goth/industrial club night.

The buildups are big, such as in “Omens and Monuments”, with monstrous synths that bring Immoral Emporium to a goosebump-inducing, cathartic end leaving the listener looking forward to the future.

The opening track and forthcoming video for “Smoking Tongues” finds Mackey in an immediately engaging, surrealist landscape befitting an Anton Corbjin film setting the stage for a most surprising and forward thinking work.

The album was produced by Curse Mackey and long-time collaborator Chase Dobson (Neon Cities, Tycho, Rufus Du Sol), who also co-produced Instant Exorcism. Contributors include synth wizard Justin McGrath (Nine Inch Nails, Kanga, The Black Queen), and a collab with MVTANT, an exciting new industrial act from Curse’s birthplace San Antonio, Texas.

The album was mastered by Ken Marshall at HiWatt Labs, (Skinny Puppy, Riki, Front Line Assembly).

Immoral Emporium is slated for a September 09, 2022 release and will be supported by a Fall 22’ US tour with darkwave legends Clan of Xymox. Curse was on tour with Xymox in March 2020 when their tour was cut short by the pandemic.

Curse says, “Immoral Emporium was created under very remote, unusual, stressful conditions. This record is a dangerous listen; by the time it reaches the last song, I, as the protagonist, am essentially already dead. As dark as that premise might be, my last words are meant to give hope to the listener, my friends around the world…that you can live to fight another day, knowing you don’t have to give in to the fear, pain, and worry. These things will pass and you are not alone.”

Curse Mackey’s Immoral Emporium is sure to be a highly welcome entry into the world of dark synth, post-punk, ebm, heavy electronic music.


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