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Blod – Ondskans Frö LP

Discreet Music

Blod-y hell! Latest refinement of mediEVIL folk ambience from Gustaf Dicksson’s ever active Blod. Here, unlike on the previous two Blod outings, Där Ska Barnet Vara and Pilgrimssånger (a couple of copies of this one somehow still kicking around if you missed it), where he has joined by various female voices from the Gothenburg orbit, we now find him in solo mode, a lone wayfaring minstral offering gentle portents of new age doom. That this is a self-release only adds to the solitary overtones. These are not coincidental choices. Ondskans Frö translates as ‘The Seed of Evil’, an album said to be about the final day on Earth, Dicksson’s very own extinction event if you like, the Hollow Man wandering the scorched land lost in its ancient song, contemplating just where the future went. The combination of Christian folk melody and Tangerine Dream/Popol Vuh ambient neologisms provide the perfect vehicle for such subject matter, the kind of sound easy to imagine drifting through your mind as the fire starts to rain down/waters begin to rise. And so this how the world ends, not with a bang, but another very good record from the Swedish underground…



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