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  • Magnus Jäverling – Bowdark LP
    Magnus Jäverling – Bowdark LP
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    Bowdark is the name of a fictitious town somewhere in the USA. After a comet hits the town, mysterious things starts to happen. The Gothenburg-based artist Magnus Jäverling started to develop the [...]

  • Amateur Hour – Amateur Hour LP
    Amateur Hour – Amateur Hour LP
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    The highly sought after debut album originally released through Förlag För Fri Musik, finally reissued! Pressed in 500 copies with updated cover art & contains an insert with liner notes [...]

  • Amateur Hour – Framtiden Tillhör Inte Oss LP
    Amateur Hour – Framtiden Tillhör Inte Oss LP
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    Pressed only in 200 copies on black vinyl. No more, never again. Comes with a risograph print in poster form. “The songs talk for themselves, appealing both to the romantic indie-kid as the most [...]

  • Troth – Forget The Curse LP
    Troth – Forget The Curse LP
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    Troth are Amelia Besseny and Cooper Bowman Saxophone on Forget The Curse and Iben contributed by Anna Langdon Written and recorded in Mulubinba / Newcastle, Australia 2022-2023 Mastered by Mikey [...]

  • Franciska – Tryghed LP
    Franciska – Tryghed LP
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    Tryghed is the debut album from Franciska, the alias of the now Copenhagen-based artist Jonas Torstensson. As one of the key figures in the young, vivid scene around the Forlaget Kornmod imprint, [...]

  • Fantasy Sex – Fantasy Sex LP
    Fantasy Sex – Fantasy Sex LP
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    * Limited LP. Two-sided insert with liner notes by Matthias Andersson. Mastered by Lasse Marhaug * Utmarken was a combined venue, record shop and recording space in Gothenburg that existed [...]

  • JJ Band –  Live I Kungsten 12″
    JJ Band – Live I Kungsten 12″
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    While working on his solo albums, JJulius put together a live band consisting of Clara Flygare (Standard) on drums and vocals, Gustav Danielsbacka (Incipientium) on guitar and Mattias Rörström [...]

  • Leda – Neuter LP
    Leda – Neuter LP
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    Sofie Herner (Enhet För Fri Musik, Neutral) returns with Neuter, the first proper album since the Gitarrmusik III-X LP released on Förlag För Fri Musik back in 2017. Neuter was recorded between [...]