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Zach Rowden – No Middle Without The Beginning LP (Pre-Order)

Notice: This is a Pre-Order and will ship before it's release date of September 29, 2023.

“Zach Rowden’s new album, titled “No Middle Without The Beginning”, radiates the current musical concrete. Two pieces, each spanning a single side of the LP. Distinct, yet comprehensive as a whole.

Letting Such Evil Occur samples and resamples acoustic instrumentation with minimal effects, allowing the artifacts of the source to seep into the composition. Grainy and slowly groaning along. A singular loop respirating upon each hit, holding itself to its core, living all its own. It’s The Light That Makes Them Green, aided by help of radio sampling creating something akin to Reich’s Come Out, with more buoyancy. Provenance is buried & restored, buzzing low end crawls underneath it all.”

‘Beyond amazing, mind bending solo LP from left-field bass and electronics master, Zach Rowden, who’s credits include recordings and collaborations with Chris Corsano, Paul Flaherty, Crazy Doberman, Tongue Depressor, Dracula Pamphlet, Marsh Chapel and many more…!’ – BH