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V0nt – Rovnost LP

Rope Or Guillotine

Notice: This is a Pre-Order and will ship before it's release date of May 24, 2024.

After several splits and shorter releases Czech electronic punks V0NT are
back with their first full length record.

‘Rovnost’ is a heavy dystopian collage of cold industrial techno beats and
mutated samples stolen from obscure punk records. V0NT members have played
in numerous DIY hardcore bands for many years and their roots are clearly
translated in the energy of the record, although guitars were replaced by
samplers, synths and beaten effect pedals.

The whole album is built around themes like guilt, fear, surveillance,
faith, obedience, survival and life choices as experienced under extreme
This is where the title comes from. ‘Rovnost’ was a corrective work camp in
the totalitarian Czechoslovakia where ‘persona non grata’ were sent to be
broken by the ruling regime.



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Release Date 2024-05-24
Catalog # ROG027
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