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Sugar Tradition – More Sugar LP

Feel It Records

Oh boy, now we’re cooking. Now we’re in the court of Sugar Tradition. Only a city like their hometown of Detroit could foster such a refined appreciation of rock’n’roll, r&b, and garage punk – and Sugar Tradition clearly have IT. The trio, consisting of Antonio Keka (guitar/vocals), Kevin Irwin (drums), and Arlo Betley (bass) are a complete force of nature live – contemporaries of the Stools, Toeheads, and 208. They’re also fresh off a tour supporting none other than the Detroit Cobras.

Sugar Tradition have managed to capture that raw, driving Motor City sound in damn near perfect form on ‘More Sugar’, their vinyl debut on Feel It Records. “Rockin’ Baby” kicks things into gear, anchored by a driving piano line that plays off a pounding rhythm section, allowing Keka’s guitar and vocals to rule the high end of the mix. There’s some tasteful harmonica and tambourine peppered throughout, but it’s the raw, fuzzed-out sonics heard best on “Don’t Leave Me” that may just steal the show. Oh yeah, did we mention the roaring rendition of Chuck Berry’s “Come On”? It’s all recorded live, too. A stupendous fourteen minutes at 45 RPM. Sugar Tradition are one of the brightest sets of young heads on the face of planet rock’n’roll right now, and ‘More Sugar’ proves that to a tee.


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