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Spirinet – My Kiss CD + Poster

Psychic Liberation

What our staff has to say: “Like a deconstructed, even more bummed out Actress LP – Excellent electronica with a vividly unique voice and vision of rhythm, decay and otherworldly fidelity. Hi-fi sounds through lo-fi techniques. Excellent. One of the best of 2022 without a doubt.” – Brandon

Spirinet presents “My Kiss” for Psychic Liberation on September 22, 2022. Spirinet, aka Sebastiano Carghini, utilizes the tape medium as an excavatory source and a formal process in composing his works. On “My Kiss”, Spirinet pulls from Rap and R&B cassettes to construct tape loop compositions, sounding culled from the depths of storage bins and second hand shops on another planet. The rhythms and vocal annunciations on the album stretch and slur like thick sugar, producing a drunk groove that falls in and out step with itself. For fans of Promethazine, DJ Screw, Eric Copeland, and Aaron Dilloway.

SPIRINET (aka Sebastiano Carghini), is an Italian electronic musician and record producer based in Amsterdam. Spirinet’s signature is 80s cassette tape manipulations from cassettes that have been buried under stacks for decades and unearthed for sonic repurposing. In his approach there is a raw aggression and impulsiveness making a scratchy tapestry of coarse audio collages, dusty techno, American rhythm and blues/hip-hop excavations morphed for tape loops. All combining to finesse a blown out collage of charged noise.

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