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Soft Shoulder – Smile Building’s Exit LP

Gilgongo Records

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Recorded in late 2020 but catching an extreme pressing plant bottleneck, the new LP from Soft Shoulder could appropriately be subtitled: “More Songs About Nothing Much, Some Entropy Implied”. A document of a slow-moving human experience (being unable to retrieve packages from your post office’s parcel locker, other occupants of the building your studio is in screaming wildly in the hallway while you try to record, vague homage to public-access television, a “how to” in changing your password, ETC) housed inside a dilapidated, but smiling, building and channeled through an amalgamation of sporadic picks from the record collection of James Fella (e.g. / in the key of F: The Fall, Fire Engines, The Futurians, Frumpies). Mastered by John Dieterich, back cover art by Eric Sanchez.



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