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Motorbike – S/T LP

Feel It Records
“Jerri fell off his moped so we started a band.” -Motorbike.
From that wreckage, a five piece rock’n’roll group was born. The cast: a familiar gang of Cincinnati players fronted by Welsh expat Jamie Morrison. Motorbike began writing and recording their self-titled full length in 2022 at Jerri’s Checkered Flag Studios. The resulting twenty-six minutes make up one of the best r’n’r records to ever come out of the Queen City. Motorbike sound discernably rugged and Midwestern. Loud, guitar-driven punk rock. Yet they can actually play more than three chords! From the hard-driving, rhythmic rush of “Throttle” – to the tuneful power-Brit-pop anthem, “Spring Grove”, Motorbike are living life in the fast lane and ruling every last second of it. A perfect ratio of beer drinking to hell raising. The boys execute these nine tracks like a band that’s been around for closer to ten years than just ONE! Words can only do so much justice to the sonic caliber of Motorbike and the mileage that their debut full length is going to track well into the future.

released June 16, 2023

Jamie Morrison: Vocals
Dylan McCartney: Vocals/percussion
Jerome Westerkamp: Bass
Dakota Carlyle: Guitar
Philip Valois: Guitar

Recording/engineering: Jerome Westerkamp, Checkered Flag Studios, 2022-2023

Mastering: Will Killingsworth, Dead Air, 2023


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