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Marlo & Lutia Lauzon – Marlo & Lutia Lauzon CS

Nagrania Cukiernicze

1975 Canadian hippy folk rarity, now on tape from Nagrania Cukiernicze recorded in Skidegate, British Columbia which is on the Queen Charlotte Islands and was pressed at Rada Records in Vancouver, British Columbia.

“Referred to as the storyteller on a 1984 handbill, Lutia Lauzon achieves just that on this record, flowing seamlessly between spoken word and light, warbling vocals. Marlo and Lutia’s vocals complement one another, with Marlo’s bright vocal color weaving in and out of sync with Lutia’s. All of this floats above gentle acoustic guitar and wandering flute melodies. Depending on the track, you either can almost feel the sun shining on your face or the rain pattering against your window.” – Hannah Blanchette

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