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MAL.E. – Something Manufactured EP

Fixed Rhythms

Fixed Rhythms is proud to welcome back to its roster one of their closest allies in sonic liberation, New York City’s Mali Mase, this time under his new techno alias MAL.E. Fixed Rhythms released Mali’s “Travel International EP” under his beloved Sweater On Polo moniker. This go-around it’s time to crank up the BPMs and stomp. This is serious techno but not for the serious techno chin-scratchers…calling all dance-floor freedom finders…hear the call and answer with your feet!

DJ Support:

Wow! Absolute stompers all around. – DJ Overland

Really digging Passage 3 & Routine Cycle. – dotdat

Its honestly cool πŸ™‚ I like passage the best – Ciel

wow these will definitely unravel some feet/minds on the dancefloor :)) – CMD

Also supported by JADALAREIGN, Lauren Flax, Jdotbalance, Ru, and Valerie Ace.

Plot Synopsis:

Chapter A1 “Spectacle of Automation”

Society is no longer singular. Snap. Pop. Break. Bang. Am I machine? Or am I dancer?

Chapter A2 “Passage 3”

Finding the way to myself. The program hiccups, and I am conscious. I know more of what I am made of but less about why I am here.

Chapter B1 “Routine Cycle”

Again, I have been reborn.

Chapter B2 “One Slip Away”

The light at the end of the night…I walk back inside because my inner light is burning too bright…it may explode the Sun. Searching. Found. Something manufactured.

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