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Linekraft – Chaos State LP

Total Black

On a truly incredible run which shows no signs of slowing down, “Chaos State” is the latest full length from Linekraft. Using the skeleton of material from the extremely limited Chaos State I and II cassettes, these eight tracks were reconstructed from 2018-2022: the resulting audio should serve as industrial anthems for revolutions new and old.

“This is industrial music that records the state of mind of a lone wolf who was witnessed by a man. I tried to find “the way” with digging up my own CHAOS, REVOLUTION and GREED. Isolate Yourself.”
– Masahiko Okubo 2022

Ted Kacynski, Tomeo Saguoya, Yukio Mishima, Daisuke Nanba, Heigo Asahi, Kiyoshi Okubo.

Mastered by Grant Richardson
Total Black 187

released February 14, 2023

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