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Lake Mary & The Ranch Family Band – Sun Dogs LP

Whited Sepulchre

Chaz Prymek’s ongoing Lake Mary project transcended the boundaries of a mere solo project long ago, having evolved into an ever-shifting collective of like-minded artists, performers and spiritual seekers with deep ties to Colorado’s Front Range and the sprawling Missouri plains. With a stunningly executed catalog of releases for labels like Eilean Rec., Patient Sounds International and Cabin Floor Esoterica, we’ve enjoyed watching [and hearing] their transformation into this latest iteration: Lake Mary & The Ranch Family Band.

A sort of unofficial follow-up to River Ceremony – the ensemble’s 2018 release for Keeled Scales – Sun Dogs traverses a similar, albeit more focused, aesthetic terrain. As always – Chaz honed the vision for these seven tracks during numerous tour dates and studio sessions, workshopping melodic ideas and transmogrifying his band’s raw improvisations into structured compositions.

From the elegiac slide guitar work of album opener “Holy Radio,” to the motorik underpinnings of the title track and the quiet, winding guitar solos that pepper the track list, the end result is a suite of chilled folk, drone and ambient jammers that perhaps stands as one of Chaz’s most completely focused musical statements yet.



“What began as a solo project from Chaz Prymek has turned into a prairie-raised choogle ensemble. Streaks of motorik rhythms occasionally bless these astral country ditties, but mostly they chase the sunlight.” – Lars Gotrich, NPR Music

” Rooted in a rambling fingerpick that recalls contemporaries William Tyler and Nathan Salsburg, Sun Dogs‘ prowess lies in deploying buttered slides throughout the entire record that yearn for a perennial peace. The record seamlessly folds in psych-touches on the album’s title track, finding the common crannies between fingerpicked folk and Kosmiche float.” – Raven Sings the Blues

released November 15, 2019

produced by Paul DeHaven

mixed/engineered by Paul DeHaven & Chaz Prymek

mastered by Andrew Weathers

art / layout by Jordan Knecht

all songs dreamt up by Lake Mary

Whited Sepulchre Records // Full Spectrum Records 2019

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