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Hijokaidan – King Of Noise T-Shirt


T-Shirt featuring the iconic cover art.

Fantastique are proud and honored to work with Hijokaidan on their 40th anniversary to reissue KING OF NOISE.

On King Of Noise Hijokaidan is pared down to the duo of Jojo Hiroshige (on electric guitar) and T. Mikawa (on drums, electronics, and voice.) In it’s early years, Hijokaidan saw as many as 19 members, but whether it be 19 or just two, Hijokaidan creates the same sheer wall of noise that gives them their apt title, KING OF NOISE! On the opening track “The Wreck Of A Once Promising Youth”, you’ve got a one note Hawkwind groove that’s almost immediately abandoned for full on, full volume noise that brings to mind Doug Snyder and Bob Thompson’s Daily Dance but filtered through Jojo’s ear piercing, shards of glass guitar moves. After the opening track, Mikawa abandons his drum kit for the crumbling feedback electronics and vocal yelping that he’s come to be known for, in Hijokaidan, and especially in Incapicitants. Remastered and pressed to vinyl for the first time in 34 years, King Of Noise is as much of a statement to Hijokaidan’s reign as it is a classic example and important footnote in the history of Japanoise and noise music in general. All hail Hijokaidan, KING OF NOISE!


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