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Fruit LoOops – You’re Somebody’s World LP (Black Vinyl)

Torn Light Records

“What the heck? You’re Somebody’s World, the new album from Fruit LoOops, is both a jagged sonic question mark and a fruitful return to the avant grit. Their second release for Torn Light Records following Last Chance at the Pharmacy (2022) continues down the spiral staircase of devolved noise and percussive art skronk synonymous with the Cincinnati five piece. Fruit LoOops churn through ten new originals on You’re Somebody’s World. Having first experienced this group live, their unique brand of deconstructed performance art-meets glitchy, rhythmic, noisy Ohioist rock was quite unnerving, akin to some of the early no-wavers and dystopian weirdos from the fringes of New Wave Theatre.

On record, Fruit LoOops’ singular style of composition is wildly propulsive – as though they’ve anticipated how AI will shape the path of music. Synapses fire with gazelle-like speed, circuits bend at ridiculous angles, language blurs into robotic phrases. A rare challenge to the underground ear, and a complete enigma to the norms. The LoOops surf that same wave of art school dropout lysergia that seemed to push the dull end of the eighties into the next decade. As to where You’re Somebody’s World travels, it probably depends on what you’re on/off, but the notion is strange, and the question mark is alive and kicking.” -Sam Richardson

releases November 2, 2023

Jackie Switzer – Vocals & Pedals
Patrick Apfelbeck – Acoustic & Electronic Percussion
Eric Dietrich – Wind Synth
Kevin Hall – Keyboards & Synth
Sam Jayne – Performance Art

Produced and Recorded by John Hoffman at The Lodge in Dayton, KY.
Mastered by Matt Ibarra at Strange Tapes


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Release Date 11/3/23
Catalog # TL072
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