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Is In Unsamble – Is The Belly / In The Belly LP

Gilgongo Records

Is the Belly / In the Belly: an old fashioned “jam session” with a deep but distant, natural room sound. Fluttering alto sax and calm, staccato trumpet slowly find their way: spelunking towards a center in which the organ / voice / homemade synth / radio / percussion blend and find their way back to the nervous outer world. They converge with strange but riveting vocals, slide guitar and record skips—mingled with the sounds of dinosaurs canoodling. Song forms rise and fall back against the river-like surface tension: a roaring tale is told, then slowly fades away to nothingness. The jacket art is a collaboration between Ju Suk’s squiggly line drawings and lines / angles / photocopy artifacts and lettering from James Fella. Recorded September 2015 at Smegma’s Studio in Portland.

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