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Emily Berregaard – Waiting + Remixes Lathe Cut LP

With snowmelt, a vast forgotten place has reemerged. Rumors started circulating amongst people in the city nearby, and a few decided to go. These pilgrims could access the place only by moonlight, down long dirt paths. Amongst the ruins of this partial town, they found a funhouse, tavern, and cathedral. One of the visitors later described them as three different structures. Another swore it was a single space. The only certainty was that the structures shared a bright, blue-green mold.

On “Waiting + Remixes”, two compositions by Emily Berregaard bookend five remixes. Each artist redraws a map from Berregaard’s: the areas where glacial expanse meets the heat of touch. These documents are devout as they are erotic, mirror images of the prayerful originals. The two tracks by Berregaard—extended abstractions of voice and saxophone, with dashes of textural field recordings—sourced from the artist’s archives—are treated differently by each interlocutor.

Wilted Woman adds rhythm, darkly carnivalesque. Florian T M Zeisig, a celestial scrim. Angelo Harmsworth’s interpretation sees the place as a factory for affect, while Glyn Maier provides an asynchronous almanac. Alie draws an absorbing series of loops, a lacy garland made of Berregaard’s dreamy cantos.

Lathe cut LP:

Clear vinyl cut in full stereo by Little Elephant

Clear vinyl center label

Silver foil embossed covers on textured recycled paper by Middle Press

Full color double-sided insert printed on recycled vellum paper with water/soy-based ink

Limited to 30 copies worldwide


released July 21, 2021

“Come Inside” originally released via lathe cut 7” by Primitive Languages (now in 2018

Audio finalized by Glyn Maier


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SKU 210000060333