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Dominic Coppola & Angelo Harmsworth – Pavonine LP

Total Black

“Pavonine” is the second offering from the collaborative duo of Dominic Coppola and Angelo Harmsworth, following the 2017 “Cordial” release on Strange Rules. The album was conceived in late 2020 and completed in spring of 2021, which requires no further explanation when it comes to recording and living conditions.

The duo deploys an array of minimalist structures, steady in span and measured in concept. Each track is executed with a precision focus on antithetical components which curiously coalesce into widescreen hypnotic murals. The album unwinds across large canvases which traverse the full range of the frequency spectrum with patterned layers of static and atmospherics.

“Pavonine” is maximal in its minimalism, a duality like a calm cloud filled sky above an ocean ruffled with wind and waves. The tracks contain elements of Kevin Drumms “Sheer Hellish Miasma”, reminiscent of its masterful timbre and texture, while at times also recalling the haunted void-gazing of the Yellow Swans. However, “Pavonine” occupies its own space, reigning and refining a new, modern sound which is reinvigorating and rare in form.

– John Elliott
The North Coast – Summer 2022

Recorded in Pinckney, Michigan and Berlin, Germany between 2020 and 2021.
Cover Photograph by Christian Michael Filardo
Mastered by Mikey Young
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