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CrusHerr – Den Haag Acid Pack CS

Dope Sheets, Suction Records

What our staff has to say: “303 Heavy CS. Use in application ranging through various heavy techno uses.” – Jack

Label Description:

Dope Sheets is a new sublabel of the longstanding Canadian electro imprint Suction Records — focusing on weird and uncompromising dance music releases, covering everything from acid to proto-techno to old-school EBM. “Den Haag Acid Pack” by CrusHerr is our new sublabel’s inaugural release, and it’s a scorcher! The 12-inch marks the Dutch producer’s 2nd release under the CrusHerr alias, following 2020’s killer “Target: Acid” 12-inch on I-F’s legendary Murder Capital label. It features 6 tracks of blackened Bunker Records style acid techno, featuring the Roland TB-303’s infamous acid squelch, blown out and dripping in murky fx. It’s the kind of record meant to be played at illicit squat raves, or to clear the floor at your next business techno party.

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