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Club Music – Vol. II LP

Chicago Research

Label Description:

The battle rages on with Club Music Vol. II.

After a more contemplative initiatory track than anything found on Vol. I, this muscular sequel continues with the pounding warfare of the first edition: artillery percussion, vocals like some dictatorial omnipresence chanting orders from a penitentiary PA.

War, we must rememberer, creates death, and death creates ghosts. There is something darker, more haunted about Club Music Vol. II. Perhaps a nebulous orb of dead revolutionaries, martyrs, and non-combatants swirls around and possess this spat of rhythmic carnage. After all, Club Music is an interrogation of our nostalgic musical memory – and what is “retro” music if not a communal dialogue with our ghosts? Here, EBM is an exorcism.


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SKU 210000074112