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Climax Denial – In The Absense Of Self-Control LP


Climax Denial aka Alex Kmet has for over a decade been exploring a unique and evolving approach to the power-electronics genre. Beginning with his debut tape on Hospital Productions, and following up with dozens of other sought-after releases. Climax Denial bathes in own urgent sexuality; stalking through each album with glassy eyes and a raging boner – just like all the protagonists of those classic PE albums you are tempted to hide when mom / girlfriend / straight-job friends come over. In an age, where many of his peers are trying to act the part of a PE perverse sadist, or express sexuality in more poetic terms; Climax Denial rips through the bullshit and squeeze the heart of the matter as one should expect form one of the last of the old-school perverts: A man as terrifying as he is abject.

“In The Absence Of Self-Control” is Climax Denial’s first full-length LP and features all new material. Teasing with elements of dark ambient restraint, coyly manic vocals, and anxious industrial texture; we are presented with an unnerving compositions of lovingly lecherous soundscapes.

“I’ve never consciously set out to become a ‘Power Electronics Musician’ or whatever, it’s just like I was saying before, I always want there to be some kind of context behind the noise. Most power electronics deals with exploring the dark side of human nature objectively, or confessing your own darknesses. I write about what I know. I just have to be honest. These things are what I’m into doing and this is what keeps me up at night and this is what turns me on. Mostly what turns me on! It was never a conscious attempt to change the genre. I’ve just done whatever I wanted to from the beginning, trying to avoid falling completely into any one category. It’s sexual and emotional submission with fits of violence. It’s the declaration of my self to fully experience the essence of the female sex. It’s the severe depression and it’s knowing I’m better and stronger than most other people for being able to see things the way I see them.’’

Alex Kmet interviewed by Chis Sienko in As Loud As Possible magazine.

The Lp has been pressed on 140 gr black vinyl with black label and black inner sleeve and comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on black cardboard sleeve, with insert in luxury 160 gr ivory paper. All package in a clear plastic sleeve to protect record Lp, cover and inserts from dirt, shelf wear and damage.


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