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C. Samms – Bouquet LP

AOK Records

Notice: This is a Pre-Order and will ship before it's release date of May 24, 2024.

*About the album:*
*Bouquet *(May 3, 2024) is an inward exploration of one’s cumulation of
connections, purpose, happiness and experiences. Dissecting the psyche,
like pulling petals from flowers. It always goes back to the existential
“Do I love me? Do I love me not?” A binary sway between guilt and
forgiveness, self-loathing and progress. You reach a point when you realize
you’ve gone through the entire bouquet—something that is often a blessing,
but can feel daunting if taken apart piece by piece. In the end, all we can
hope to find is beauty, memory, and a place to put it all.

Sonically, it’s a love letter to early albums from New Order, Depeche Mode,
The Cure, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Kraftwerk, Ruth and Absolute Body Control
to name a few.

*About the artist:*
From his home in Winnipeg, Canada, C. Samms explores the familiar sounds of
synthesizers and drum machines. With the cold, imperfect pulse of
transistors and modulated frequencies, he gathers precious memories and
personal experiences to form abstract, emotionally charged yet universally
relatable lyrics. It’s this combination of warm and cold–empathetic and
synthetic–that drives C. Samms to stay true to the source material of
classic synth-pop acts from the early 80s and decidedly not the neon glow
of retro/synthwave.

After years of wading through waves and capturing sounds, C. Samms
self-released his second full length album, *Bouquet*, on May 3, 2024—over
five full years after his first album, *Synthetic Properties*.


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Release Date 2024-05-24
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