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Brett Naucke – Cast A Double Shadow LP

Ceremony Of Seasons

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The second ever Ceremony of Seasons release! The music accompaniment to VISUALS Wine’s Ritual of Senses Wine Club package – released to the world on the Winter Solstice of 2022.

Specifically written and recorded by Brett Naucke to be paired with Conjured In Shadows, a Mendocino grown, carbonic macerated Nouveau wine from the 2022 harvest.

As the months dwindle into darkness, we move indoors, and the sounds of life grow sparse and quiet, contained within the walls we inhabit. Inside we seek new warmth against the chill of long nights, and even our celebrations must unfold in the interiors of our spaces, the summer all but a memory, a recording kept against the cold in the interiors of consciousness.

Brett Naucke’s Cast a Double Shadow bottles the seething pulse of summer until it transforms from within, its warm and insistent rhythms reconstituted as icy, twinkling bell-tones and swirling snow. Fractal patterns grow and spread across its tracks like tendrils of frost breathed on glass, while in the background the cold radiance of winter light blooms into harmonic chrysanthemums.

Over its length, Cast a Double Shadow deepens, moving from matrices of lush texture and inspriting sequences to evolving profundities of emotional resonance. Spectral voices enter, singing into the record’s cavernous halls in synthesized evocations of solstitial hymns. Winter’s ritual solemnity awaits discovery even amid the brightness of the textures, just as candles lit to ward off the dark create their own flickering shadows. But on the final track Naucke intertwines both levity and intensity, melding the contemplative weight that develops over Part 1 of the title track with the effervescent joy of the record’s earlier moments.

Winter sees the sun at its annual nadir, but also sees its return from the shadow. As darkness looms and life turns inward, take Cast a Double Shadow into your reflections, and let it enliven your season of interiority with the radiance it shelters in its chambers.

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