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Tinnitustimulus 12″ (Wholesale)

Psychic Liberation

Leachate is the liquid that forms from water going through a landfill, creating pollutive liquid that changes from the composition of waste. Acids and insoluble metals build up as it dries up and forms again.

Tinnitustimulus presents his third release on PL over the last 8 years, “Leachate Phases” for Hot Releases and Psychic Liberation. Tinnitustimulus is the nearly two decade project of esteemed east coast noise master, Tom Bennett. The effort is the first body of work put together for a 12” record, standing toweringly amongst a vast and consistent discography of durational releases. Tightly paced, the record evolves over time eviscerating home stereo equipment with low end panning and phasing, searing sweeps of high-end hissing, and bludgeoning frequency play. The album marks a collaboration between American underground label Hot Releases and Psychic Liberation, a fit pairing to document this chapter in Bennett’s output, as all parties have overlapped in mutual support for many years. Tinnitustimulus is currently based in Providence, Rhode Island.


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SKU 210000067314