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Roberto Cacciapaglia – Sei Note In Logica

Nagrania Cukiernicze

What our staff has to say: “Cool little minimal cassette” – Jack

Cassette edition from Nagrania Cukiernicze.

“Cacciapaglia is an Italian composer with a long career; this early LP is an anomaly in his output and seems to be his take on the then-current Minimal trend, as the music and instrumentation is highly reminiscent of both Fred Rzewski’s “Coming Together” and Steve Reich’s “Octet” (which, to be fair, Cacciapaglia probably hadn’t heard since it came out at the same time as this LP). But the wild card here is the incorporation of computer sounds–pretty novel for the time, and used to awesome effect. A massive influence on Jim O’Rourke (just ask him) and I’ll bet Fennesz is well aware of this disc as well. Ace photo of a tennis court on the cover too (a pretty Minimalist sport, when you think about it). ” – from Alan Licht’s top ten


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SKU 210000087924