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Relay For Death / Jason Crumer – Channel Gutter CD

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“Channel Gutter” is a split CD between autonomous American noise stalwarts Relay For Death and Jason Crumer. Relay For Death open with a barrage of sound, and over six movements Roxann and Rachal Spikula weave between noise, musique-concrète, dark ambient, and industrial, while maintaining an intangible and stoic nature. “Pauperized Monolith” is a nearly 40 minute deep arrangement from Jason Crumer. Featuring harsh noise extractions from the classic early 2000s “Ruth” sessions, the second half of the split is pensive, occasionally veering into the realm of ambient. Absolute highest recommendation. Features artwork by Roxann and Rachal Spikula, Relay For Death tracks mastered by Grant Richardson. Presented in digipak sleeve, edition of 300.

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SKU 20940664