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Phillie – Welcome To The Detroit Zoo CD (Pro CD-R)

Black Day In July

Phillie’s hunger gives “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” a refreshingly honest feel and showcases Phillie’s life journey on Detroit’s infamous ‘Number Streets’. The album is a mix of street poetry, lyricism, life lessons, and pure entertainment. Phillie possesses a sense of humor and a refreshing perspective among the dreary backdrop of his hometown of Detroit.

Fully produced by Wu Tang’s Bronze Nazareth, the emotionally driven soundscapes only enhance Phillies rhymes. You can listen to this album two different ways, zone out on the music alone, or sink your mind into the lyrics and travel with Phillie to the places he takes you.

“The hood is like a zoo, and I’m your tour guide, will you join me? All it costs is to pay a little attention to the lyrics. The beats by Bronze speak for themselves” Phillie suggests.

“Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” is truly a worthy piece of art.

Promo material for “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo”:

Official Video for the 1st single “Detroit’s Finest”

Teaser for the upcoming ‘EscapeGoat’ video

Official Video for the 2nd single “EscapeGoat”

Official Video for the 3rd single “Lion King” brev  more

Incredible Michigan Hip-Hop. Member of The Wisemen (Wu-Tang Clan affiliates)

For Fans Of: Griselda, Action Bronson, Sean Price, Sunz of Man, Roc Marciano, Boldy James etc.

Produced by Bronze Nazareth (Producer for The Wisemen, RZA, Wu-Tang etc.)

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