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Optic Sink – Glass Blocks LP

Feel It Records

Expanding on the magnetic, minimalist post-punk frontier first chartered on their 2020 Goner debut, Optic Sink return with their second album, ‘Glass Blocks’. Hot on the heels of their recent EP on Spacecase Records, the Memphis trio of Natalie Hoffmann, Ben Bauermeister, and Keith Cooper ventured out to Lawrence, Kansas to record at the home studio of Caufield Schnug (Sweeping Promises).

The resulting seven originals and a rendition of LiLiPUT’s “A Silver Key Can Open An Iron Lock, Somewhere” define Optic Sink and their remarkable style with a clarity and power seldom realized in a studio setting. Hoffmann and Bauermeister command the high end of the mix with a gamut of perfectly dialed synth and percussive tones while Cooper’s bass serves as rhythmic anchor. There’s far more to dive into, whether it’s the cold, driving beat of “Modelesque” or the minimal, percussive brilliance heard on “Glass Blocks”. Perhaps the best part of the formula is the sheer amount of natural energy that gleams through the mix. Like a warm refraction of musical chemistry and originality, Optic Sink have struck gold with ‘Glass Blocks’

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Caufield Schnug in Lawrence, KS


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