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Milliken Chamber – Lily Of The Valley LP

Tech Noir 1984

TechNoir1984 proudly presents the newly mastered and proper vinyl reissue of the debut recording from Michigan bred now L.A. based synth-pop duo, Milliken Chamber. Anna Schmidt (Jane Chain, Prudence) and Kevin Czarnik (Belladonna Grave, Denim, Forever Grey) have long been forging and sculpting to a laser precision their own modern approach to a timeless moody and atmospheric dark-wave drenched synth-pop sound. Cold, bleak, heavy, and brilliantly sequenced analog synth and drum tracks are laced with gorgeous and ghostly vocals over 5 songs of unforgettable arrangements. Perfect winter night drive music. A stunning debut saluting both their diverse musical and life experiences as well as the great influences of their past all while simultaneously giving forth great promise of what’s to come.

This vinyl reissue is the debut release of the newly formed TechNoir1984 imprint, and features incredible updated art and new design re-purposing the original artwork from the band by Shea Hardacre. Featuring hand pasted, pro-printed Xerox covers and ‘virgin’ labels with insert. Limited to 200 copies.



releases October 2, 2020

Originally released September 2017 on cassette by Starved Relations.

Written, performed, arranged, produced and engineered by Kevin Czarnik.

Lyrics & vocal melodies written & performed by Anna Schmidt.

Drum programming and drum arrangement written by Kevin Czarnik

Mixed and mastered by Kevin Czarnik.

2020 vinyl reissue master by Brandon Hill.

Cover & insert art / layout by S. Hardacre Design.

Insert photos by Ehrynska

Distributed by Fantastique

*LP copies ship by October 9th, 2020


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