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Mauthausen Orchestra – Murderfuck LP


Urashima present the first vinyl version of Mauthausen Orchestra‘s Murderfuck, originally released on cassette in 1983. Tape after tape, Mauthausen Orchestra, aka Pierpaolo Zoppo, constituted in a few years, the backbone of what is known as an alienating and extremist style, made of metal nightmares and sonic torture, often dilated, dissected and extended up to the limit of endurance. They’ve become one of the most important musical projects of the Italian industrial scene and contributing to the birth of the power electronics and harsh noise across the globe. Murderfuck is brutal with harsh tones that cut through the air. This amazing reissue LP is a co-production between Officina Fonografica Italiana and Urashima. “Since 1982, the Mauthausen Orchestra, Pierpaolo Zoppo being the mastermind, have developed their brutal tendencies, reaching, by the last productions, the highest standards of sonic power. With Necrofellatio (UMA 101LP, 1983) begins the flirtation with the Aquilifer Sodality sexual impetus, and the M.O. support the sonorous stimulation offered by The Sodality with their elating power electronics mastery. Their complete devotion to extreme sexual pleasures makes their ultra-violent attacks the ultimate enjoyments.” — Amen magazine, September, 1985. Mastered from the original tape. Pressed on 140 gram black vinyl with a black label and a black inner sleeve. Comes in a deluxe silver silkscreen on a black cardboard sleeve. Edition of 200.


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