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James Fella & Gabriella Isaac – Performances LP

Gilgongo Records

A follow-up to the duo’s LP, CCTK Music (2021, Gilgongo Records), Performances features three sets from Fella and Isaac, from Gilgongo Records’ 15th Year Anniversary celebration in Phoenix, AZ — December 2019. Like the event, the record starts with a recreation of the second side of CCTK Music, using six reference lacquers of CCTK’s A-side as source material to make a live collage. Following this are solo sets from Isaac (using her laptop as a feedback loop/sound source/physical device) and Fella (offering a slow-moving electro-acoustic/tape-machine based piece). Includes a sketched layout for the CCTK installation and a reproduction of the event’s flier. Recorded and mastered by John Wiese.



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SKU 210000108817