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I Dream Of Wires DVD (Modular Synthesis Documentary!)

Suction Records

Waveshaper Media‘s Canadian DVD edition of the now-classic 2014 documentary on the history and resurgence of modular synthesizers, “I Dream of Wires” – as seen on Netflix.

Features 100+ interviews with musicians and manufacturers including Trent Reznor, Gary Numan, Vince Clarke, Morton Subotnick, Carl Craig, John Foxx, cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy), Daniel Miller (Mute Records), Doepfer, Make Noise, Intellijel, Metasonix, and MANY more.

DVD Bonus Features include an exclusive studio tour with Vince Clarke (Erasure), Trent Reznor & Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails) extended interview, “Modular Synth 101” feature, and three modular video/synthesizer music videos from the OST by Solvent.

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SKU 210000098039