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Hosoo – Salklake FM CS

Helicopter (Seoul - Korea)

Label Description:

HOSOO – <Saltlake FM>

The two members gathered and recorded regularly. Suddenly bursting resonance, always good friend noise, repetition of the minimalist’s writing style, the time that it accumulates as if it didn’t match as if it was in harmony. For example, rather than Terry Riley’s personal work, it feels more like the collaboration between Terry Riley and Don Cherry. If you feel like you’re going to fall, you grab the legs and return to their place. but sometimes it is more fun to leave it as it is rather than returning it. It sounds more like a variation while watching what strange sounds each other makes than a trace of a sync or collaboration. The troubling tension of improvisation makes <Saltlake FM> an interesting record.


These selected improvisations are concrete. How to solve such improvised results and how to decide their “work” will also be up to the musician. More so for musicians who focus on sound rather than structure. HOSOO recorded their improvisations on the spot in a Stereo(2-Track). Once recorded, the rest of the work is almost impossible. What can be discarded and what can be added is different from the approach. It cannot be completed if it is gentle and loosened. Once the recording is done with full power, it can be barely thrown away. <Saltlake FM> is not an ambient music where pretty notes are piled up one by one, but the maximum value that fits in a live environment with a recorder running.

In addition, the method of mastering (or intended from recording) against the recent ambient music is also impressive.

Excerpt from the introductory text of Freelance Editor / DJ Jesse You

Hosoo (호수, means ‘lake’ and ‘room number’ in Korean) is the project started by two sound artists in Seoul, South Korea. They have been searching and waiting for sounds having sense of place, soundscapes to stay in, from different perspectives, influenced by different eras of music from such diverse artists as: Korean court music, Terry Riley, Brian Eno, David Toop, Carl Stone, Throbbing Gristle, Haruomi Hosono, Laurie Spiegel, and Bill Laswell. First Release in LINE and another new material will be release in Helicopter Records


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