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Field of Fear – Beyond the Reach of Light LP

Whited Sepulchre

Beyond the Reach of Light is the 4th release from Oakland-based drone musician Field of Fear. The band’s most personal record, Beyond the Reach of Light chronicles the ebbs and flows of depression with harrowing precision. The album is an emotionally raw and sonically varied experience – in a moment changing from aggressive industrial charges in “Darkness” to subdued ambient drone throbs in “Cold.” Album closer “Lost” emparts a sense of someone emotionally spent and yet nowhere near the end of the journey.

Written under the guidance of New York–based experimentalist David First, Beyond the Reach of Light combines drone underpinnings with industrial guitar riffs, repetitive rhythms, power electronics-inspired synthetic feedback and electronic noise to deliver shortform pieces – out of step with the genre’s tendency toward lengthy track times.

Releases September 29, 2023
Produced by David First
Mastered by James Plotkin
Artwork by Spencer Davie
Field of Fear is Drew Zercoe


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