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Eric Schmid – Homage To Junko Tange

Psychic Liberation

Psychic Liberation presents the “Sonic Encyclopedia Series”, an eclectic batch of short run tapes aiming to explore and document a wide cross section of aural content around the world. Specialization and confines of genre are antithetical to the direction of this nebulous encyclopedia of tapes. The artists chosen are curated by Nick Klein, with design and illustrations provided by Scott Goodman.

Eric Schmid is based in Chicago, Illinois where he works on math, philosophy, and curates exhibitions in his home space and abroad. After listening to his podcast for the Anomia label, it was decided to be in touch would be an interesting endeavor. Here Schmid attempts to connect dots between Vanity Records, Bunker Records, and Psychic Liberation. This cassette is an endurance effort for the non-listener listener.

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SKU 210000045730