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Delivery – The Topic 7″

Feel It Records

First pressing black vinyl edition of 500.

Packaged in a full color foldover sleeve w/ download code.

Following on from the release of the Yes We Do 7” in June, Delivery are back with ‘Personal Effects/The Topic’, a double single release that continues to expand on the group’s razor-sharp blend of garage, post-punk and new-wave pop.

While the four tracks on Yes We Do were developed around the sound of the project’s initial home demos, ‘Personal Effects/The Topic’ capture the five-piece working in full collaboration for the first time. Across these tracks, programmed beats and synths make way for heaving live drums, relentless guitar interplay and left-of-centre saxophone bursts, while the band’s triune vocals (split between Rebecca Allan, Lisa Rashleigh and James Lynch) are more dynamic and incisive than ever.


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SKU 210000087182