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Analytica – Strategy of Tension LP (Black Vinyl)

Ice Machine, Suction Records
shipping out on or around March 22, 2024

After making waves with their 2020 self-titled debut LP (championed by the late, great DJ and synth/wave connoisseur Silent Servant), Toronto’s Analytica return to Suction Records’ minimal synth sub-label Ice Machine, for the second full-length LP, “Strategy Of Tension”. Analytica is a synth-pop duo who confront the race-to-the-bottom ethos of our time, but utilizing sounds and tools from the early ‘80s synth-DIY era, including holy grail analog synths like the ARP Quadra and Roland System 100.

RIYL: early Depeche Mode, Factory Records, Minimal Wave label reissues.

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Release Date 2024-03-22
Catalog # iMach008
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