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  • Blind Date – Judy Garland Pavilion CS
    Blind Date – Judy Garland Pavilion CS
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    The requisite principles of 1990’s metallic burl distilled through layers of aggressively employed junk and sharp 2000’s-era hyper-cuts are merged with skill. Crisply engineered and [...]

  • Grant Evans – Albatross
    Grant Evans – Albatross
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    Americana-concrète. Tape-pitched elements — organic, synthetic and mechanical — weave in and out, blurring reality with dread and unease. Buzzing, scraping, swelling; dying voices in [...]

  • Hostage Pageant – Extinguisher
    Hostage Pageant – Extinguisher
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    Breakneck noise suffocation from Shane Church, taking the project back to it’s inception with two short, sharp shocks of fire and smoke that maintain the rawness and fluidity of live dynamics; no [...]

  • Vat – A Pile Over There/Spoiled Milk Panties
    Vat – A Pile Over There/Spoiled Milk Panties
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    Previous Vat efforts have focused on the classic ‘americanoise’ approach of scrap metal through distortion overload. ‘A Pile …’ sees Chris Conroy merging elements of that [...]

  • A Week Of Kindness – In Shadow’s Country
    A Week Of Kindness – In Shadow’s Country
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    Sean E. Matzus is a Houston-based artist regarded for his solo projects (Red Hook, Thewhitehorse, The Secret Geography, etc), while also known for his work in several Richard Ramirez projects [...]

  • Tinnitustimulus – Punct/Contrapunct CS
    Tinnitustimulus – Punct/Contrapunct CS
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    Four punctual tracks of frenetic, yet assured energy highly informed by mid-2000’s Southern California moves — from jarring and massed stereo profusion to moments of shrill, anxious feedback [...]

  • Torba – Laavg Drjot
    Torba – Laavg Drjot
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    Torba is Mauro Diciocia, an Italian soundworker based in Berlin. As with fellow countrymen Lettera 22, elements of musique concrete, noise composition and electro-acoustic tape music are fused to [...]

  • False Moniker – In Parenthesis CS
    False Moniker – In Parenthesis CS
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    Known for his visual work, his label Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere., as well as his many collaborations with Cremation Lily, False Moniker is the project of Belgian artist Niels Geybels, who also [...]

  • Brandon Nickell – The World Is A Refuge From Perfection
    Brandon Nickell – The World Is A Refuge From Perfection
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    Beginning with Aemae and now working under his own name, Brandon Nickell has spent the last decade taking cues from nearly all generations of analog and digital sound development and shaping them [...]

  • Droughter – Death Charm CS
    Droughter – Death Charm CS
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    Before ‘wall noise’ stunted creative progress for a generation of noiseheads, there were the mid-90’s — arguably the most influential period for many. Without [...]

  • Pedestrian Deposit – Austere
    Pedestrian Deposit – Austere
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    Five years in the making, and the first duo recordings — a very, very calculated and controlled effort. Moving past the harsh noise cutups but not eschewing them entirely; rather, moving [...]

  • Pedestrian Deposit – East Fork/North Fork
    Pedestrian Deposit – East Fork/North Fork
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    Deluxe instant reissue of the much-too-limited edition Housecraft tape, including two new and previously unreleased tracks; 32 minutes of new music. Reflective of our live sets of the past year [...]

  • Scant – Estrangement CS
    Scant – Estrangement CS
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    Second tape for East Coast linchpin M. Boettke after 2015’s ‘Wake of Dissolution.’ Two untitled tracks of smoldering and combustible iron roar; the A-side being an impeccable [...]

  • Vasculae – Cultural Primitivism
    Vasculae – Cultural Primitivism
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    Full circle. A new project from Jonathan Borges (Pedestrian Deposit, Everyday Loneliness, Emaciator, etc). After several years of operating in more subtle areas of experimental music, Vasculae is [...]

  • Rale – I Sit By the Window and Watch Walls And Ceilings
    Rale – I Sit By the Window and Watch Walls And Ceilings
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    Perhaps William Hutson’s best achievement yet, an impeccable follow up to his excellent ‘Some Kissed Charms …’ LP for the Isounderscore label last year. Long form, expert-level [...]