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  • Hands & Claws – S/T CS
    Hands & Claws – S/T CS
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    ***Human Headstone Presents HANDS & CLAWS Leo Suarez (drum set), James McKain (tenor saxophone), and Ian McColm (drum set) let intuition take the wheel. A seamless twenty-three + minute [...]

  • Art Heist – Demo CS
    Art Heist – Demo CS
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    *** One may picture a body as it tumbles perpetually down stairs, every bone splintering beyond recognition. ART HEIST conjures such imagery on this brash spirited debut via live and studio [...]

  • Carnivorous Bells ‎– Room Above All LP
    Carnivorous Bells ‎– Room Above All LP
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    Human Headstone presents…”Room Above All,” the sophomore installment from Philadelphia’s Carnivorous Bells.Carnivorous Bells uniquely carve through ten compositions under [...]

  • Carnivorous Bells – The Upturned Stone LP
    Carnivorous Bells – The Upturned Stone LP
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    “Kudos for the self-invented label Cave Prog. Although CARNIVOROUS BELLS is not a BUTTHOLE SURFERS cover band but a new group of known names from CULT RITUAL/SALVATION circles. Bands who peaked a [...]