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  • Incipientium – Undergång LP
    Incipientium – Undergång LP
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    The second coming of Incipientium. After his LP debut ‘Belastning’ on Förlag För Fri Musik (FFFM) last year, Gustav Danielsbacka has not rested. With a handful releases on CD & [...]

  • Irma Krook – Military Arms 12″
    Irma Krook – Military Arms 12″
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    ’Military Arms’ is the debut output by Gothenburg-based sound-smith Irma Krook. Up until now primarily known as bass player & founding member of death pop vanguards Makthaverskan, Krook has [...]

  • Engürdetz – Sillmjölke LP
    Engürdetz – Sillmjölke LP
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    Engürdetz perhaps weren’t a known name to the vast music devouring public – but for a brief period in time & to a scene of chosen few, they were a name associated with raw, gut-opening [...]